Keep Your Family Safe on the Internet

Hopefully you heard Brian’s sermon about how Parent’s are responsible for guarding what our kids see and hear. We wanted to make sure that you had access to several of the tools that were mentioned on Sunday, so we put together a list below. You can even download it as a PDF.

  1.  Set up restrictions on iOS devices. This will block anything that you choose on your kids device. If they bring it to you and you want to give them access to something that you feel should not have been blocked, you just have to input our code. Instructions here.
  2. A slightly advanced option to safegaurd the internet for your whole home is to put a filter on your internet connection. A free solution is available from OpenDNS. By following their instructions, questionable content will automatically be blocked for anyone on your home Wifi, even visitors. Click here for more.
  3. If you are worried about the amount of time that your kids are spending on digital devices you can limit that too. The feature is called guided access and can be very helpful for keeping track of how much time little ones spend on their device. Instructions here.
  4. You may not realize how much questionable material can be found on Youtube. A simple way to limit what your kids can view is to use the special Youtube Kids app. It allows you to limit the videos to certain age-specific categories.
  5. If you want to monitor your child’s calls, texts, gps location, etc. You can do that too using an app like Teensafe or life360. Neither of these products are free, but they can be very helpful.
  6. You can use a website like to know what sort of content is in the latest movies. That means when your kids ask to see a new movie, you’ll be able to know if there is anything in the movie that you don’t want them to see.
  7. Pornography is widely available on the internet and you can use apps like CovenantEyes or These subscription based services will block offending sites and send someone (like an accountability partner or parent) a message if it is turned off.

We hope that these resources will help you do your job as a parent to the best of your ability.


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  1. Thank you for the follow information from Bro. Brian’s sermon, Touchy Subjects.

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