The Bible Never Says "Money is Evil"

The Bible says that “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and by craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains” (1 Tim 6:10 HCSB). Money is a tool to be used. Much like a knife can be used to harm someone or for work, money can be used in both good and bad ways.

bible money

The story of Zaccheus, as told in the bible (click here for the Bible passage), is about a man whose encounter with Jesus changes his priorities on everything – including money. Zaccheus is a guy who used to cheat his own ethnic people out of money while working for the people who oppressed them. He was hated. Yet Jesus chose to stay at Zaccheus house. The encounter with Jesus’ love radically altered Zaccheus. Without a word from Jesus, Zaccheus volunteered to give half of his money to the poor, and repay anyone he cheated 4x that amount. This guy was changed. His attitude about money changed from a “get it at all costs” attitude to a “use money to help people” attitude. At Greenwood, we believe that money can be used for good. In fact, we encourage our people to give generously to others. One of our core values is “Every One Gives.”

Brian (our senior pastor) taught about money recently. You can click here for a recording of that teaching. That message was part of a series called “Essentials.” It was called “Money Talks” because Jesus talked about money so much in the Bible.

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We have a class every spring that covers Dave Ramesy’s Finacial Peace University. This class teaches you the basics of God’s plan for your finances. It covers budgeting, financial planning, and other related topics at a very basic level. You can sign up and get more information here.