Welcome Back


Romans 13 and other passages commands us to follow appropriate governing authorities. We will continue to do so, whenever possible. Since the state of Texas is committed to opening up to a greater extent in June, we have adjusted our plans also. We still plan to provide our online options and will continue to do so for the forseable future. What follows is a description of our changes coming in the next few weeks.  

Get Free Tickets For May 31


Changes for May 31:We ask you to reserve a free ticket, so that we can know how many people to expect. You may sit anywhere you like, and all of the chairs will be back in the Worship Center.

  • We will have both our 9:45 and 11:00 Worship services.
  • We will not provide any children's programs. If you attend, you are welcome to bring your children into the Worship Center with you.
  • We will not have any Adult or Youth (grades 6-12) small groups meeting on campus on Sunday May 31.
  • We are still here to help you in any way we can. If you have a physical need or any other issue, you can call us at 817-596-8032 or contact Sonny at All other staff emails can be found on our website.

Changes on June 7th:

  • You will no longer need to reserve a free ticket for Worship services starting on June 7.
  • Please respect other people’s personal space by maintaining comfortable distance when possible.
  • All seats will be back in the Worship Center, and you are welcome to sit as close to others, or as far away from others as you wish. Please respect other people's wishes.
  • On June 7 you are still invited to bring your children into the Worship Service with you, since we will not have any children's programs provided.

 Student Ministry:

  • Student Ministry (completed grades 6-12) will begin to meet in some fashion on Wednesday evenings beginning on June 10.
  • Please watch social media for announcements about Student Ministry. We will also send out communication notices to parents as well.

 Elementary Kids:

  • GBC Kids (completed grade 1-5) will meet occasionally over the summer.
  • Please watch social media for times and dates that GBC Kids will meet.

 Adult Small Group Bible Studies:

  • Adult Small Groups will continue to meet off-campus until the end of July.
  • Please talk to your Small Group Leader about your particular group's meeting plans. Groups are free to meet as they choose, as long as it is not on campus. This decision was made because meeting on campus would require cleaning and child-care that we may not be able to provide at this time.

For Technical Support Call or Text Justin Allison at 817-458-8091