VIP (Volunteers Inspiring Preschoolers)

Volunteers Inspiring Preschoolers (VIP) is our program that involves adults and youth in teaching preschoolers during Sunday worship services.  Preschoolers receive Bible-based teaching care while their families attend the worship service.  Teaching occurs through structured play-time, large-group story time, snacks, music, and relationship-building.


The curriculum used is published by Randall House.  The same lesson is taught during both services with crafts and activities that vary so that children who have heard the story before are as excited about it as the ones who have not heard the story.  Snacks are provided for all preschoolers during the 2nd service.  Parents should alert the teacher if their child has food allergies.

Volunteers serve one Sunday every 5 weeks.   They usually serve in the same age-group each time they serve so that they can build relationships with the children and their families. Background checks are run on every volunteer and church membership is required to serve in our preschool area.