At Greenwood we believe that Saved Ones Find Lost Ones. As followers of Jesus, we want to tell others about Jesus. So, we have a few trips each year dedicated to doing just that. When we take these trips they are for the purpose of sharing Jesus with others, and helping local churches in the place that we go.


We have a partnership with GVCM in Haiti. Each year we take one or two trips during our winter time. We go in the winter because the weather is generally nice, with no chance of hurricanes.

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New York

Our church partners with the Trainer family in Coney Island. Stephen worked at Greenwood for a few years before leading his family to plant a church in the Coney Island neighborhood. They partner with Graffiti Ministries in Brooklyn.

You can begin giving toward the next New York Trip in 2018 here.


Greenwood partners with Austin and Ashley Cooper, who are planting a church in Vancouver Canada. Austin and Ashley both worked at Greenwood for several years, before leaving for Canada in 2016. They are a part of Church on the Rock in Vancouver.

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