Outreach is woven through the fibers of our church’s DNA. We’ve all heard the saying “random act of kindness” but you will never hear that here. Our outreaches are intentional because we serve an intentional God.

Here at Greenwood we believe that 99% of Christians truly want to reach their community and be a part of God reconciling the lost back to Himself. Sadly, many people feel they are inadequate or they lack the communication skills for God to use them. In the Gospels, it’s obvious that Jesus met peoples needs in very practical ways in order for him to show them who he was. Because of this, our ministry is about showing God’s love in practical and simple ways that anyone can do.

Outreaches come in different forms such as leaf raking, $1 car washes, free water/soda giveaways, nursing home visits, cleaning dirty toilets, popsicle giveaways, etc. Whenever people ask “Why are you doing this for free?” we say, “Because God loves you and has shown us kindness, Ephesians 2:1-10, we want to let you know that in a practical way today- with no strings attached.”

Regardless of your comfort level of communicating with people, we know God will use you! We want you to come participate in one of our outreaches. Check the calendar for the next one!


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