Current Series

The Flip Side

Anxious for Nothing

Many times when we lean in to anxiety, what we're anxious for turns out to be nothing. But in Philippians, God tells us through Paul to be anxious for nothing. How can we quit being anxious for nothing, so that we can be anxious for nothing?


Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it. This series is all about the courage it takes to be a follower of Jesus in 2021.

The Wise, The Foolish, & The Evil

The Bible talks about three kinds of people: the wise, the foolish, and the evil. Which one are you? How do you know which kind others are? This series is all about following God's way, and how to tell who isn't.

All In

Are you all in for Jesus? This series is all about baptism - the way that Christians show the world that we've decided we're all in for God.

1st Timothy

Paul was like a spiritual father to Timothy - a young pastor from Ephesus. This series walks through Paul's first letter to Timothy, covering topics like slavery, relationships, church organization, and much more!