Current Series

The Flip Side

The Wicked Game

Temptation is a wicked game, with results that can be dire if not taken seriously. In this series, we're talking about temptation, and how a relationship with Jesus is  our only hope against it.

Relationship Goals

what does the Bible say about dating, marriage, and sex? This series is about how to do relationships God's way.

End Times

What happens at the end of time? In this series, we dig deep into what Jesus said about the end of the world, and why it matters to us.


Life is complicated. But it doesn't have to be. This series explores the simple truths about a life surrendered to Jesus, and how that life leads to moments that are anything but simple.


There's a lot in this world that people call 'toxic .' But what really is toxic? Int his series, we talk about toxic things we can consume (like in media and such, not actual poison), and toxic people.


What is the most important part of a church? What can change? What shouldn't? This series is all about how to do church, and what can't change about it.

Encounter; Face to Face with God

What would it be like to meet with God? This series is all about people who encountered God face to face, what they learned, and how it changed them.

John: The Gospel of Light & Life

John wrote his account of Jesus's life so that those who read it would see that Jesus is the Son of God. This series walks through the book of John, covering topics like truth, adultery, conflict, satisfaction, miracles, and more!